Android Application Fundamentals

April 14, 2018 Lee Cuizon 0

Goal Understand applications and their components Concepts: activity, service, broadcast receiver, content provider, intent, AndroidManifest Applications Android applications are written in Java. It has good […]

Android Introduction

April 7, 2018 Lee Cuizon 0

Before we go into the programming and layouting of Android, let us first have a small introduction about this environment. This chapter introduces Android, how […]

XML Review

April 7, 2018 Lee Cuizon 0

In Android, XML is used in a lot of places. Configuration, xml, value definitions, layout and many more depends on the use of XML. XML […]

Java Review

March 17, 2018 Lee Cuizon 0

Java is the primary language used in Android development. With this, it would be proper to have a good background on the Java development concepts […]